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Great Casual Apple Games by Appskel

If you love Apple games as much as we do, then Appskel is going to be your new best friend! Whether you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod, you're going to be delighted by our range of gaming titles.

Our Featured Games:

We live and breathe Apple here. Our knowledge of the major Apple devices, plus our lifelong love of video games, has allowed us to create some incredible games, with more in development all the time.

Most people have a ton of questions for us, and to save a lot of time, we can answer them for you in advance...

What is Appskel?

Appskel is a games development company, based in the Philippine islands. It's a small, focused team, and we have a lot of fun producing games for you.

I'm a Dad and wanted to spend as much time as possible with my girls, so I created Appskel to allow me to be around for them. Yeah baby, it's a real Apple family here!

Click here to read more about us.

How Can I Play Appskel Games?

Like all Apple games players, you'll download our games and any updates, from the App Store. You can also post reviews of our games there (be nice! :).

You'll be able to read about every one of our games, get news and updates, all from this website. So bookmark us and come back often. Please. Or you can follow us on your favorite social media by clicking here.

Which Platforms Do Appskel Games Support?

Apple Games - Dogs Ate My Homework

Any Apple gaming-friendly devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, can play Appskel games. You can carry your gaming joy anywhere in the world!

Sorry, but our games don't work on Apple desktop devices, or on Android OS products. (update: we have started supporting Android devices with some of our latest games)

I Can't Get Them For my MacBook?

Nope. Sorry.

What's Wrong With Android?

Nothing. Android's cool, with a huge user base. If you have an Android device, I bet you really get a kick out of using it. (update: we have started supporting Android devices with some of our latest games)

But we prefer to focus on the Apple platforms we know and love, and be really, really good at just one thing. Apple gamers will thank us for this when they try out our great casual games!

Can I Suggest New Apple Games to You?

Absolutely! You can get in touch with us for any reason by clicking here.

We always listen to our fans. If you have some new ideas to make our existing games better, or cool concepts you think we could develop, we'll be happy to hear them.

Happy gaming!

Aaron Co

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