Why Do Action Games Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat?

Action Games for iPad, iPhone and iPod

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When you think of these games, you probably think they are best suited for a big high definition screen and your favorite console or your gaming computer. Ah, but what people fail to realize is that your iOS device is quite capable of handling the action genre pretty damn well, too. In addition, they are so much cheaper than the games for the console and the PC.

What is the Allure of Action Games?

Admittedly, these games may not be for everyone. As a rule, they typically deal with some kind of adventure element that combines incredible writing and animation. For the more advanced games on iOS, you may even find voice acting. With all of these components combined, you are in for a treat! Honestly, how could you not adore this genre?

What people do not realize is that these games are not always easy to classify. Some people equate action to be what they see on the big screen—explosions, drive-by shootings, hack and slash, and fighting. In fact, the action genre is pretty diverse. Like many games that you’ll find on iTunes, games can fall under several different categories at once. For instance, Infinity Blade III falls under the action category as well as fighting. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a puzzle and adventure type game. What these games have in common is that they give you, the gamer, a bit of excitement when you’re playing.

The Action Is Real

You know you’re playing a real action game when you can feel yourself getting into it. Your heart is racing during the intense action sequences, you feel for your character and want to keep him alive as long as possible. You may even find it is hard to put the game down. These are all components of a great action game.

Sure, some of these games focus on the action rather than the story. These types of games could have you running around shooting everything in your path for no reason. There may not be much of a story line, but these types of action/shooting games can still be fun because you have to focus on staying alive, and that alone is enough to keep your adrenaline pumping. These games can be hard for iPhones because the screen is small and your finger takes up most of the scree; however, when you play them on an iPad, you are really able to see the bad guys coming at you!

The Cost of Excitement

Now you would think that in order to get a compelling game that has a riveting story and great game mechanics, it’ll be one of the most expensive games on iTunes. After all, the game developers put great care into their game and it is not cheap to produce a high quality game. Well, you’d be surprised that you can find these type of games free to download. Just because the game is free doesn’t mean that it is going to be a poorly made game. In fact, there are some pretty awesome free action games available—you just have to know where to look.

Below are some games we created for the Action genre..

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