Appskel: Apple Free Games You'll Love!

Appskel's Apple free games are super fun.

We spend every waking minute creating and fine-tuning our games to give our users (that would be you) the best experience possible.

Maybe you're curious about who is behind Appskel, and what you can expect from us in the future?

Who is Aaron Co?

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That's me, Aaron, and my little girls. They are the inspiration behind Appskel. I wanted to spend more time with them while they grow up, and so Appskel is the way I can provide for them, work from home, and be Daddy and business guy, all in one.

I've played games my whole life, and now I get to play games with my girls (cool), and even sometimes the games I've created (even cooler).

It's kind of like being a rock star. Kids love video games, and my girls can tell their friends that their Daddy invents video games. They get lots of nice comments at school ;)

Apple Free Games - How Appskel Works

Apple's App Store business model has made it possible for guys like me to create Apple free games, without investing millions of dollars in production.

Within days of release, hundreds of thousands of people can download and play my games. I can get immediate feedback, and make improvements and upgrades really fast, to give our fans the best experience possible.

The Price is Right!

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All our games are free. Yes, FREE! We love games, and we create them for people just like us. People like you.

Why pay for your entertainment? It's great to get something you love for free. It's what we want, so we know it's what you want, too.

Your reviews and feedback keep us inspired, so if you like our games, please post about them on your favorite social networks, and leave reviews on the App Store.

Why No Android?

One of the great things about Apple devices is, they are pretty much standard. Appskel doesn't need to invest a lot of resources changing the code to fit different screen sizes.

Unfortunately, the same is not true of Android devices. While I love Android phones and tablets, there are simply too many different standards. We are a lean, mean company with limited time and resources to develop games.

I'd rather release another new Apple free game than spend days resizing our existing titles for endless different Android phones and tablets.

Sorry, Android fans. Maybe in the future...

Happy gaming!

Aaron Co

Tell Us What You Want

We'd love to hear from you if you have comments or questions about Appskel games.

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