Move Over Candy Crush, Casino Games are Taking Over

Casino Games for iOS

Although games like Candy Crush are still popular, casino games are making quite a name for themselves on the iOS platform. These mobile games initially gained their fame in the European and Asian markets, but with the advancement of smart phone technology that has been sweeping the marketplace, mobile device users in the United States have been able to enjoy the genre too. Why, in 2013 the casino game genre has earned an astounding $2.9 billion in combined revenue from all over the world—$1.1 billion of that revenue comes from North America, which nearly doubles the earnings from Europe with $661 million. Needless to say, people find this particular segment of gaming incredibly alluring.

What Draws Players In?

Okay, so the revenue that is generated by casino apps has clearly shown that there is definitely a demand for these types of games, but you have to wonder why. What makes people want to purchase casino apps, even if you cannot win money from a large majority of them? Some people say that these games mimic the feel that you get when you are playing in a real casino; you know… The adrenaline rush when the dealer drops the ball on the roulette wheel and you have gone all in on your lucky number. But, unlike the roulette wheel you play in Las Vegas, you are not going to lose real money. You get all the thrill without the risk. If you think about it, it could be a good way to wean someone who has the beginning stages of a gambling addiction.

Visually Stunning Casino Games

The iOS platform is a perfect vehicle for the beautiful graphics that are featured on a lot of the casino games. The vibrant colors, enchanting animations, and even the music can make you forget you are playing on your Apple device. Although the quality may not be that of a real casino match that you’ll find on the floor of the Bellagio or any of the Trump casinos, they are still impressive. Whether you download a slot app on to your iPad or a video poker game onto you iPhone or iPod, you can be sure the images are properly scaled down to fit on the screen without any kind of distortion. The creators of the casino game apps take a lot of pride when it comes to giving you the best hand held experience.

Turn your iOS Device into Your Personal Hand Held Casino

If you’ve ever been to a brick and mortar casino, you probably are familiar with the typical games that you can find there. It can be a little intimidating to stand on the side lines and watch the pros play those games, especially when they win big! By downloading a casino app on your mobile device can be a neat way to help familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Why, some of the top casino apps that people download onto their devices include Texas Hold’em and Black Jack (which take some skill to master), but you can also find slots, bingo, baccarat, and roulette games too. Just remember that there’s no guarantee that if you do exceptionally well on these games on your mobile device that your skill and luck will transfer into real life casino games; but it is still a fun way to pass the time!

Below are some games we created for the Casino genre..




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