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Want to download iPad Games? iPad is one of the most popular electronic devices in the world because it can be used for a variety of purposes, both business and personal. But, the most common use for the iPad is gaming.

Download iPad Games - Baby Stroller

The large screen and superior graphics make it the ideal portable gaming device, plus the endless amount of games from the app store make it the number one choice amongst gamers around the world.

Once you have registered for an account at the Game Center, follow these steps to download iPad games and start having fun.

  1. Log into your Game Center account with your email address and password. First time users will be asked if they would like to allow push notifications. If you tap OK, then you will be notified whenever one of your friends want you to play a game with them.
  2. On the bottom of the iPad screen, you will see a Games icon. In order to download iPad games, Tap the icon and then tap on Find Game Center Games. You will be presented with a long list of games. To view your options, tap on either the Categories or Top Charts button. The Game Center only displays game apps. For other types of apps, go to the App Store and select the app you are looking for from the list of categories.
  3. If you know the name of the game you want to download, you can enter it in the search field using the iPad onscreen keyboard. To find out more information about the game, tap on the title.
  4. Once you have decided which game you want, tap on either the price of the game to buy it, or the word Free to download the game for free. The label will change to Install App.
  5. Tap Install App. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and password. Enter this information and tap OK. A second box will appear asking you to log into your account. If this is the first time you have signed into your account on this device, the next few screens will ask for your password and payment verification.
  6. Once you have been verified, the Buy button appears. Tap Buy and the download begins.

If you have any friends added to your account, go to the Friends page to see what games they have downloaded. You can purchase the same games as your friends downloaded by tapping on the titles in their list.

Download iPad Games - Top Free

Download iPad Games - Baby Stroller

Good games for beginners are Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit ninja. Other popular free games include:

  • Fit the Fat – tap and jump rope – highly addictive.
  • MMX Racing – create a fire breathing monster truck then race it over a thrilling track.
  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga – burst as many bubbles as possible in the shortest time.
  • Guess the Emoji – use your logic and reasoning to solve the puzzle.
  • Bungle – fast paced reflex game – easy to learn.
  • Fates Forever – play against your friends in an epic battle – the winner breaks the curse.
  • Buddyman: Kick HD – amazing graphics and cool elements let you blow thing up, shoot, fire and whatever you like.
  • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – create your own celebrity and rise to fame and fortune.
  • World of Tanks Blitz – very popular action game with over 80 million players worldwide.
  • Circus Food Maker Game – make ice cream, candy and cookies with carnival games.
  • The 7D Mine Train – high speed adventure featuring the seven dwarfs – hilarious.
  • Bingo – compete with friends.
  • Selfie Shave – shave your selfie with this fun app.
  • Hay Day – a happy place where the crops grow, the neighbors smile and the animals are friendly.
  • Watercolors – complete each puzzle using as few brush strokes as possible.
  • Baby and Mommy Story – play activities with four babies and four mommies.
  • Clash of Clans – crush opposing clans and lead your clan to victory.
  • Candy Crush Saga – sweet adventures through Candy Kingdom – play alone or with friends.
  • Make Me Up – create beautiful faces and submit them in the Best Faces of the Week contest.
  • FIFA 14 EA Sports – officially licensed 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ football game.  

You can download iPad games till your fingers hurt. This is a small sample of the thousands of iPad games you can download for free. Keep in mind that although the game itself is free to download and play, many of the iPad games make money by offering extras within the game.

For example, you have the option to buy extra weapons or lives. Other free games are mini versions, and you have to pay to download the full version.

Click here to go to the main iPad games page.

Click here to go to the Apple games homepage.

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