Flow Connect Challenge

Flow Connect Challenge is a game that will totally connect to your gaming addiction!
A puzzle game that is full of challenging connections!
Connect and do not intersect, a puzzling game you definitely did not expect!
Download now and get hooked up to the puzzle mania!

Flow Connect Challenge iPad Game

The game begins with a simple mission:
Simply connect the same color nodes in the puzzle field.
A line will be created to indicate a successful connection. The lines are also called the pipes.
The challenge: No lines should cross each other.

The puzzle is placed in a grid to allow the players on creating a strategy on how to successfully connect the nodes with the right amount of pipes. The nodes will fail to connect if one of the pipes intersect with another.
This is not your ordinary connect the dots puzzle, this game will totally connect you to a whole different level!
The puzzle gets completed as soon as all the nodes get paired with the right colors.
Get a perfect game if you fill all the tiles of the puzzle with connection pipes!

Sounds challenging? Download now and start connecting!

Flow Connect Challenge iPhone Game

Puzzles go from simple to challenging.
The levels will increase its difficulty as you solve more.
Make sure to get a perfect game to get bonus points.

Flow Connect Challenge has a huge collection of 300 free boards!
But if you’re a brainiac, this won’t be enough and we know you’ll need more challenges.
In-app purchases are available to unlock more challenging, connection-filled puzzles!
Can you beat the game?

The game comes in two modes:
Classic and Time Attack.

Classic mode allows you to finish the puzzle at your own pace. Grab a cup of coffee, relax, sit back and enjoy the game at your own comfort. With no time limit to distract you, it’s just you and the puzzle, so make sure to aim for perfection!

Flow Connect Challenge Android Game

Too laid back? Then go for Time Attack mode!
Solve the puzzles before the timer runs out! Forget the coffee, it’s time to get down to real business! Connect all the nodes early for the extra time bonus on the next round!
Choose the nodes quickly and make the selection, and finish them off with the right connection!
Solve the puzzles early and get some extra time collections!

Unlock all the themes inside the game!
Different themes gets you a different playing experience.
Nodes of different shapes and objects, and pipes that differ in theme for every round!
A game not just for the brain, but with amazing looks too!
Can you discover them all?
Can you make all the connections to unlock the hidden themes?
Experience a different connection with every level unlocked.
Beat the game by achieving perfections in your connections!

Download now and we’ll guarantee a non-stop connecting fun!
Connect the nodes and fill the boards with connections!
Can you connect the nodes without crossing other connectors?
Will you be able to get a perfect game?

Flow Connect Challenge Features

- This game is free to play and for all ages!
- In-app purchases available to unlock levels, extra hints and remove ads.
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!

Flow Connect Challenge iOS Game
Flow Connect Challenge Google Play Game

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