Team Gilas Pilipinas Laban! Puso! Mobile Game for iOS and Android

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Team Pilipinas is ready for the tapping challenge!
After their stunt in the FIBA world games, the team will now conquer your fingertips in this fast paced tapping game!
Download all of the Team Pilipinas from the AppStore and surely you will have fun!

Gilas Pilipinas Laban! Puso! iPhone Game

Show your team spirit and be a part of this fun filled game that will surely hook you up!
The Gilas Game has a simple premise: Grab your basketball, escape the falling basketball rings, and tap a lot, and tap some more, and dodge those rings and top the score!
A simple game yet addictive and challenging!
Move left, and dodge the falling rings, tap for more scores, move to the right and escape the basketball rings and tap some more to break the high score!

Gilas Game features our favorite basketball stars in the game!
Get ready to team up with our basketball heroes Jimmy Alapag, Andray Blatche, Jason Castro, Marc Pingris, Gabe Norwood, Junmar Fajardo, Marcus Douthit, Jeff Chan, Paul Lee, and even Coach Chot Reyes!
Is your favorite player on the list! Play with them on the court! Don’t miss the chance to get a high score with  your favorite basketball player!
Or simply get all of them and see who scores the best in this thrilling tapping game!
Make sure to get high scores to unlock them all!
Get a different playing vibe when playing different characters!

Gilas Pilipinas Laban! Puso! iPad Game

Game too challenging to unlock all players?
Or you just simply can’t wait to have all of your players be included in your roster?
Do you wish to draft your favorite player and top the score with him?
Worry no more! Players are unlockable via in-app purchases!

The Game also includes different basketball courts!
Wish to get a vibe of the FIBA basketball court in Spain? Sí?
Ever felt to up the basketball challenge by playing in the Asian Games Basketball in South Korea? Of course you do!
Had that childhood dream to step into an NBA basketball court? Who didn’t? Let’s go!
We have them all!
Plus a bonus of playing in a rough basketball court smashed by typhoon Haiyan! Get a feel of a truly passionate basketball player while in this court! The Team Gilas Pilipinas will never back down no matter how strong their opponents are, even if it’s a storm!

Gilas Pilipinas Laban! Puso! Android Game

So are you up for the challenge?
Are you ready to carry the team to an experience they’ve never been?
Watch your favorite players score bigger than your previous goals!
Set foot in to the court, play the ball and show your support!
Show your opponents the strength of Team Gilas Pilipinas even if you fall short!
Download the game, unlock the players, top the scores and show your worth!

Gilas Pilipinas Features

- This game is free to play and for all ages!
- In-app purchases available to unlock additional characters.
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store

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