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Look at the popularity of iOS games today. The iOS mobile operating system was developed by Apple Inc to be used on the iPhone. Since its release in 2007, support has been extended to other Apple products such as the iPod, iPad and Apple TV. The Apple App Store now has more than one million iOS apps and iOS games, nearly half of which have been optimized for use on the iPad.   

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Android is another popular mobile operating system, also released in 2007. Android Inc was originally a failing company, but in 2005, Google acquired the business and turned things around. Based on the Linux kernal, the Android platform is capable of powering various devices including game consoles and digital cameras. The Google Play store also has over a million published apps. Because of the open nature of the Android system, approximately 70% of mobile app developers develop for Android operating systems instead of for iOS.

The biggest difference between the two systems is that there are more Android apps compatible with iOS powered devices than the other way around. 

iOS Games vs Android Games

Developers strive to make all games compatible with both systems, especially the most popular downloads. The graphics, sounds and basics of the games are the same on both systems. And since Apple and Android powered devices both use touchscreen technology, the way the games are played are the same on both systems, as well.

However, it is mostly third party developers that either create games for both operating systems, or adapt existing games to be compatible with both. Apple developers only create games for iOS. 

How the game is distributed is usually decided by the developer (Apple, Google or a third party developer). Games for both systems are generally distributed in one of three ways:

  • Free mini or lite version – you get a few levels for free. You can pay for the full version or buy more levels. Games marketed with this method are generally larger and more expensive.
  • Free full version – these games earn money by offering the user in-game purchases. You can buy more power points, weapons or whatever you need to help you complete the level. Many gamers are getting tired of this method, and are opting for paid games instead.
  • Paid games – you pay for the full version up front. Some of these games also offer in-game purchases to keep the upfront cost low, but usually everything is included in the purchase price.

The prices of the games and the in-game purchases vary greatly, but are about the same whether it is iOS or Android.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Games

The biggest advantage the iOS system has over the Android system is the choice of games. Although both systems offer over a million games, many of which are available for both systems, there are several hundred games that can only be played on an iOS device. This is largely due to Apple developers only creating games for Apple devices, and other developers not changing the game into an Android compatible version fast enough.

About the only disadvantage of iOS games is that they are not created with open source coding. This makes it more difficult for developers to crack the code to make the game Android compatible. But, if you are using an Apple product, this won't affect you. It could only present a problem for Android powered smartphone users or gamers that want to play on their PC.

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