Makeover Games Speak to the Inner Child

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There’s been a surge of makeover games popping up on iTunes as of late. These games mimic the paper dolls and the Barbie experience from when you were a young girl. You can choose the base for your doll and make her to be whatever you’d like. The options of clothing, make-up and hair styles give you the ability to create a wide number of different looks for your doll.

These games have so many different looks, its mind blowing at how many different games there are, that essentially do the same thing. In some of these apps, you can makeover celebrities like Beyoncé, Britney Spears (before and after her melt down in 2007), Selena Gomez and even Rihanna. Then you have a tone of anime style girls that you can make over as well as Bratz style girls.

These games let you change their entire look, whereas make-up games focuses solely on facials, spa treatments and (of course) make-up. Did you know you can even create your own manicure designs with nail art games?

Boys Can Play Makeover Games Too

Makeover Games for boys

Oh yes, you read that right. Now I don’t see boys (and men) playing dress up with girly digital dolls and making them look fabulous (or hideous), but with every beauty related dressup games, there is a different kind of make over game that the fellas may find a bit more favorable.

Have you ever noticed while going through some of the top downloaded games list and you see simulated dental games, surgery games, and even nose-picking games? These all fall under the makeover genre also. Some of the dental games are downright gross and you are tasked with performing oral surgery to give your patient a whole new set of teeth—tooth by tooth.

The surgery games can appeal to both men and women, especially if they are interested in the medical field. These types of games can help you identify parts of the body and the organs. You can perform transplants, plastic surgeries… It’s a makeover game to the extreme. Although these games are just cartoonish depictions of gross-ness, it still can be a little jarring, especially if these games are being played by younger kids.

What is the Appeal?

So what is the appeal of these types of games? It’s hard to say. For girls, it could be the ability to turn something plain into something beautiful, whatever her image of beauty is. These games allow her to play dress up with beautiful gowns, sparkling jewelry, and glamourous makeup. Perhaps, like Barbie, these games gives her the hope that she can be anything she wants to. For boys, the dentistry, surgery, and even nose picking games just may appeal to their curiosity and the gross factor that these games entail. Who knows why exactly these games do so well, but they do. They are some of the top downloaded games on iTunes and their popularity only continues to grow. They won’t surpass zombie games or action games, but they’ll continue to hold their own.

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