Monster Slot Casino Blast - Win Big Vegas Gambling

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Spin your way to horrors of overflowing richness!
Monster Slot is your only horror-themed slot-machine game that will give you spinning hours of fun!
Test your luck in the horrors of Monster Slot Casino!

Monster Slot Casino Blast for iPhone Game

Win lots and lots of coins as you play more and gain experience.
Level up and unlock more horrifying themes that will haunt your dreams!
Let the darkness spin you around.
Let the creatures of the dark, guide your luck into lots of wealth!
Fear not of losing the coins, surely the monsters of darkness will come to your aid.

Bet with a few of your coins, and win a few.
Bet some, win some!
Bet all, win all!

Don’t forget to collect the Daily Bonus Log-in, and get a chance of getting lots of coins!

Unlock other themes as your reach a certain level.
Play more and gain more experience!

Monster Slot Casino Blast for iPod Game

Out of luck? Our of coins?
Don’t worry we have coin recharge available for you!
Login daily and you will never run out of coins to bet on the Monster Slot!

Unlock our special horror themes:

Spooky Classics - The spook that created Halloween, the spook that remains unseen. The classic that scared all from their dreams, the theme that you'll forever spin!

Vampire's Nest - Beware the vampires here suck no blood, you can't protect yourself even with your magic wand. All they want is to suck all your coins dry, but will you fight back, and give it a try?

Witche's Spell - Oh curses, oh curses! Has the witches spell cursed your luck? Or are your charms able to fight back? Take down the witches and get your coins back!

Zombie Apocalypse - Beware of the zombies for they search for living brains! But not here, they need your coins or whatever you have that remains!

Monster Slot Casino Blast for iPad Game

The Cemetery - It is where the departed rests in peace, but the undead comes back to play the spinning luck of Monster Slots! Will you play with them and give them coins, lots and lots?

Clan of the Wolves - They howl in the dead of the night and your skin feels the gripping fear. Show the wolves your strength and spin them away with all the coins you have!

Cyclops Kingdom - The one-eyed creatures are out and about. They all want to see how you play the game, if you’re lucky or if you're not!

Orcs, Ogres and Trolls - They are hungry for coins! They can smell the coins drawing near. Will the slot machine be in favor of the smelly foul creatures? Or will you be defeating them at your pleasure?

League of Monsters - The ultimate level of Monster Slots, the League of Monsters. If these won't scare you, then what kind of monster are you? Will you even be able to reach this level? Spin on!

Will you be able to unlock them all? Or will you hold back and shiver in fear?

Monster Slot Casino Features:

This game is free to play and for all ages!
In-app purchases available.
Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!


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