A Little Nail Salon For Monsters - High Fun Crayola Party For Awesome Make-Over Experience

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Tina the Monster girl needs your creative help. She is eager to go to the city's best party...but she feels her nails are not stylish enough.

Little Nail Salon For Monsters iPhone game

Can you help her and paint her nails gorgeously?

If you've ever had crazy ideas that are related to the beauty of nail art, Little Nail Salon For Monsters is your game. Unleash your creative potential and amaze your friends with outstanding nail designs. Needless to say that you'll help Tina the Monster girl too! After all, she's been waiting for this party for quite a long time.

Little Nail Salon is a free dress up game where you can create your own monster girl nail designs. It is the perfect way to get all creative and experiment with colors and shapes. You can also compare your ideas with others and share your favorite combinations on social media or by e-mail.

Night is falling, time is ticking away and Tina is counting on you.

Are you ready to help her prepare for the important event?

Do you feel inspiration taking over?

Let's see what you're capable of! Go ahead and play Little Nail Salon For Monsters.

Little Nail Salon For Monsters iPod game

How to Play Nail Salon for Monsters

Contrary to many other games, Little Nail Salon For Monsters doesn't involve competing with other players. Instead, its purpose is to give you a place to put your creativity to test. It is an entertaining way to experiment, come up with your own designs and show off your stylishness.

While playing you might notice that your screen is divided into few different sections. They all serve a unique purpose and are there to make navigation easier.

In the middle of the screen you can see the current finger you're applying your nail designs on. The left side of the screen is reserved for the commands you can assign while working on your nail art.

The elements bar is located on the top of the screen. There are several elements present in Little Nail Salon and all of them include rich customization options. You have the freedom to choose from different gloss types, colors, patterns, tips or extras. You can also change the background to experience a new environment where you practice your abstract ideas.

Little Nail Salon For Monsters iPad game

Beneath the elements bar is the bar containing the different variations of the element you've selected to be active.

Little Nail Salon has two options available when it comes to painting Tina's nails. You can apply a certain nail design either separately (nail by nail) or make one design and apply it to all nails.

At last - all the hard work has been done and Tina is ready for some quality party time! It's understandable that you will feel pretty proud with your achievement. This is why the game lets you share your outstanding nail design with your friends. You can do so either on social media like Facebook or Twitter, or send your friends a gorgeous picture via e-mail.

Little Nail Salon is free in the Apple AppStore. However, there are various in-app purchases available. You can unlock different features for a small fee. You can choose to either unlock different elements (gloss, colors, patterns, tips, extras or background) or unlock everything altogether.

Little Nail Salon For Monsters ios game

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