RGBY Color Mania - Don't Tap The Wrong Color Tiles To Win

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RGBY Color Mania is a fast-paced, fun-filled game that will bring colors to your day!
A game that tricks your mind into pressing the correct color!
Will you be able to follow the right colors?
Can your eyes follow the right colors being asked?

RGBY Color Mania ipad game

The game is simple: Tap the same exact color the text is written in.
Simple? Not quite.
The twist: The words are names of colors that are not relevant, but are there to confuse you. Scientifically known as the Stroop Effect.
Does this sound challenging to you?
No? Yes? Then start tapping the colors right? It’s gonna make you up all night!

Hold up! You can’t relax yet. Get the answers right before time runs out!
You can’t just be pressing random colors in and out!
Plus bonus points for a continuous combo that you achieve!
And see the colors of the numbers go high, you’ll never believe!
Think carefully, think fast, tap this and tap that.
Can you handle the pressure?
Don’t get carried away by the words, and focus on the color of the text!
Just be sure to hit the right answer, and that’s how hue be the best!

RGBY Color Mania comes in three different levels to test your eye and mind coordination. Each level has its own difficulty to truly engage you in a world of colorful fun!

RGBY Color Mania ipod game

Normal level gives you 4 colors to tap. Will this be easy, or will it give you a chill? The four colours of RGBY will give you a thrill! Tap it easy, and tap it nice, choose the right colors and see your score rise. This is a good level for the casual gamer, a good combination of easy yet challenging, and fun and engaging.

Expert level makes 6 colors really difficult for you to get that combo. The magic six will make you loco, so fight back and concentrate, think fast and coordinate, don’t get beaten down by the words, beat the score by choosing the right colors! For that moderate gamer looking for a challenge, this one is for you. With more colors to choose from, surely this your form of fun. Set your fingers ready and think of a strategy, chain your combos and get the score bloody!

Nightmare level will make you wish to have more eyes and brains and fingers to get the job done, it gives 8 colors to make your eyes go pop! This level should be a warning, for those who dare cross the land of colors with a sign of no trespassing. The most difficult level will get you the real challenge, a real test of brain power, eye power, and all sorts of color power in the spectrum.

Better hurry on getting the right colors before the timer runs out!

The game might look simple but it will definitely play some tricks on hues!
Can you name the colors faster than just simply reading the text?
Will your brain trick by getting the semantic meaning of the word and not the color of the word?
Will you be swooned by the Stroop Effect?
Test your eyes and brain!
Take control of the colors, and tap the right ones before the timer runs out!
Create extraordinary combos as you press more right answers!

RGBY Color Mania iphone game

The text will say red, but shaded as green, press green!
Next would say blue, but colored as yellow, press yellow!
Make a combo on your next turn, when the text shows green, and the color is blue, tap blue!
Will you get the next color and text combination correctly?
Or will your mind get tricked by the swarming colors?

Fight back, and sharpen your senses. and score high in this ultimate RGBY Color Game!
You can never ever guess what colors will appear on the text might be.
Think and don’t yourself, get in the game and let’s go color crazy!
So prepare yourself, beat the time, chain up the combos and beat the high score!

Be the best RGBY color mania tapper and be the top player in our leaderboards!
Claim the throne of the best player, and show them the skills that only hue can do!

Share your scores via Facebook and Email!
Show off your scores and show them what you’re made of!
Invite friends and compete, head to head, side by side, colors to hue!

RGBY Color Mania Features

- This game is free to play and for all ages!
- Download and get tapping fun color crazy at your fingertips!
- Free Version available in the AppStore.
- Buy Pro Version for an ad free gaming experience!
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!

RGBY Color Mania ios game

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