A Scratch In Time - Incredible Time Travel Matching Game

A Scratch in Time for the iPhone, iPad or iPod

Download A Scratch In Time - Incredible Time Travel Matching Game today!

Get ready to scratch away for cash as you take a trip through time! Experience some of the most incredible and important events in history in this amazing scratch off lotto game that plays just like the real thing-- if not better!

A Scratch in Time iOS Game

The best part is that you can get started right away! All you have to do is buy tickets with some of the in-game money to start scratching. We'll even give you $50 to get started! Simply tap one of the Purchase Ticket buttons to view a menu that displays how much cash you have along with the cost per ticket. Then you enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase and hit the Purchase button.

Once you've got your tickets, simply use your finger to scratch the gray areas of the card. If you match three numbers out of the six on the card, you win! For instance, match three $20's to win $20! Of course, you won't win anything if you don't match anything so keep trying if you fail!

A Scratch In Time features very intuitive controls that makes scratching your tickets feel smooth and enjoyable. You can even hit the Instant Scratch button to reveal all your numbers instantly! What's more, you can also unlock new levels that feature scratching cards with unique themes such as a giant dinosaur in ancient times or even the swinging 60's when the real king of rock and roll was still alive! Check out some of the cool ticket themes below:

A Scratch in Time iOS Game

 When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

Industrial Revolution



First Landing On The Moon

Down on your luck and in need of more bucks? Just hit the BUY BUCKS button to easily buy some cash so you can keep scratching away! Don't forget about the Increase Odds button while scratching a ticket! It allows you to pay a fee (such as $100) to increase your odds of winning by a certain percent. It's risky but it can be the difference between winning pocket change and a fortune!

A Scratch in Time iOS Game

Featuring charming ticket themes that take you through time, smooth scratching controls, and intuitive menu systems, this Incredible Time Travel Matching Game is easily the best scratch off lotto game in the App Store that will have you entertained for hours on end!

Download A Scratch In Time - Incredible Time Travel Matching Game today!


- Easy yet very addicting game play
- Smooth, life-like scratch off controls
- Awesome graphics with historical theme tickets
- Challenge your friends to see who has the better luck!

A Scratch in Time iOS Game

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