Sensor Tower: A Must Have Tool for App Developers

Introduction to Sensor Tower: 

Tracking and manually monitoring your apps can be time-consuming and tedious at the same time. What's more, researching for the best keywords that are likely to perform well can also take several hours. So, if you want to take the stress out in checking and improving your app's rankings, then this tool is for you. With it, you can save time, effort and expect nothing but quality results.

The Basics

Sensor Tower is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that enables app developers to check and manage a wide selection of keywords in the App Store. Beginners and pros who need professional assistance with their App Store Optimization and marketing will find this tool quite functional and time-saving. From keyword research to optimization and analysis of your competitors' apps and kewords, you will find that Sensor Tower has everything you need in ensuring your app's high rank and excellent performance.

The tool offers a free section that gives you a quick access to basic tools for keyword research and ranking for limited use. There is also a 14-day trial to let you explore the different features of this tool and what these can all do for you before they even charge your credit card.

As for the paid section, they offer 3 different plans. There is a plan for indie developers, where you can track up to 80 keywords and get all the basic tools for unlimited use. There are also business and enterprise plans where you can track more keywords and get access to more advanced features.  If you are still testing the waters, however, then you may try the free section first and upgrade eventually for more features.

Keyword Research Made Easy

Sensor Tower provides a keyword research section that presents you with information you need to know when you need to find the right words with a great chance of ranking well. Here, you will discover that some keywords are highly competitive while there are those that barely receive much traffic. In your case, the idea is to choose a keyword that is fairly competitive, yet also gets quite a good amount of traffic per day.

Naturally, you need to choose a keyword that is relevant to the app you are publishing. Using this tool, you can come across some stats that will help you select the best word. It is better to go for level 5 or higher for the traffic and level 5 or lower for the difficulty section. Sensor Tower makes it keyword research much easier for you since the tool automatically gives you the traffic and difficulty of each keyword. This way, all you need to do is to choose the best keyword without wasting your time researching it.

Another information I really like about this tool is you see all the apps ranking for the keyword you are targeting. All these apps that are appearing in your keyword research result are your competitors. So you'll know who your competitors are and you can better decide whether to compete against these developers or simply avoid them and choose another keyword. My advice to fellow indie developers, avoid keywords where many multi-million dollar app companies are competing. You probably can't beat them since their games have huge budgets.

Outdo Your Competitors

Getting ahead of your competitors is the name of the game, and Sensor Tower helps you achieve this goal with the Keyword Spy Module. This competitor analysis tool lets you check on your competitors' most likely keywords. As a result, you can start looking for the best keyword combinations or you can simply steal your competitor's high performing keywords and be ahead of your competitors.

Once you type in an app, the tool presents you with a page that contains some important details such as the full name of the app, keywords ranking history, and the app's ratings and reviews for the past 3 months. Having access to these data can be quite helpful since you can conduct your own keyword research to make sure that your app performs better than how your competitors' apps are currently doing.

If you wish to take it to the next level, you may opt for the paid enterprise section to get even more details about your competitors.

Keyword Optimization and Translation

The keyword optimization and keyword translation tools are perfect to use once you already have list of keywords you plan on using. First, you use the optimization tool to make sure you have 100 characters (or close to it) in your keyword field. It also double checks that you are not reusing the same keywords that is already in your title.

After that, be sure to use their keyword translation tool. This tool translates all you keywords into 22 different languages with just one click of a button. I believe that app publishers are making a big mistake not localizing their app to foreign languages. There are other markets out there other than the US and this tool makes it easier for us to reach them.

Sensor Tower: Bottom Line

These are only some of the excellent features that you can expect from this tool. With different pricing options, a 14-day trial, and loads of capabilities available, optimizing your app has never been this simple and hassle-free. So, give Sensor Tower a try, and discover why numerous app developers consider this as an indispensable tool for their needs. 

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