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Strategy Games for iPhone

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Do you remember how fun (of frustrating) it was playing strategy titles like Battleship as a kid? It felt like you were going around the whole board before you got a hit on your opponent. Sometimes, I used to think the other person was cheating somehow, I just could never get a hit! Well, strategy games have gone from hands on board games to digital games on computers, consoles, and iOS devices. Unfortunately, these games just do not seem to get the same kind of gamer love as other genres on the market. Be that is it may, the genre should not be dismissed, especially if you get tired of the brainless shooter games or the macho sports games. If you’re really in the mood for a challenge, download a strategy game and you’ll be occupied for a while.

Strategy Games Are as Unique as the Player

When you think of the strategy genre, you may think of boring board games like checkers, chess, or even Risk and Battleship. Of course, these types of games are still loved by people, but iOS users crave a little more substance than these classics. Games like Battle Fleet 2 and Battle of the Bulge are classics, but not in the same sense. These wartime games require that you overcome your enemy in a gruesome war. You have to guide your troops through tactical situations with as little loss as possible.

Of course, when it comes to strategy, not everything is about taking down your enemy and winning a war. In fact, some of these games can be quite leisurely and simple, like reconstructing a town or managing a diner. These types of games can be great time wasters for when you are waiting for your plane, a doctor’s appointment, or even sitting on the toilet (come on, admit it, we all do it from time to time).

Getting Your Friends In on the Fun

One of the great things about playing a strategy game on iOS is that you can challenge your friends. Games like Words with Friends and Drawing with Friends are both fun and they give you bragging rights when you beat them. After all, who doesn’t like to rub it in their friend’s faces when they got a higher score?

On a serious note though, besides war strategies, diner management, and bragging rights, these games can improve your cognitive abilities. They make you think, not only outside the box sometimes, but they make you see the bigger picture of a problem. For instance, if you are playing Sim City, you have to plan your city, not only for the current development, but for the future too. While you are starting off small, eventually your city will grow and the placement of your essential buildings can determine the direction of that city.

While these games aren’t on the top of everyone’s “must play” list, you should definitely have one or two in your game library. They can keep your mind sharp and help you see things a little differently. Plus those bragging rights are sweet too.

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