Super Hero Maker - Crazy Dress Up Mania

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Have you ever wished to become a legend?
Have you ever dreamed to fly high in the skies and rest in the clouds?
Run faster than your eyes can follow and watch tiny droplets of rain move in slow motion?

Super Hero Maker iPad Game

Visions that can melt steel, firing out laser beams?
Hopes of becoming a superhero stuck in a dream?
Then dream no longer, create your own superhero and save the world while looking good!

Super Hero Maker is dress-up game that lets you create your very own personal superhero.
Make him look the strongest and fiercest by choosing bold and dashing colors.
Let the world know that he is one of the good guys ready to save anyone who’s in need!
Add some splash of colors and ingenious design to create a strong and attractive superhero!
Find a logo that will truly represent what your dream superhero should have.

What are his powers?
How strong is your superhero?
Will he reach the ends of the universe to rescue those who are in need of help?
How fast can he run?
How far can he fly?

Super Hero Maker iPod Game

Dress up your very own superhero from head to toe!
From head protection to super accessories, to flowing capes and tight hot pants!
Prepare your superhero suit, and don’t forget to add a glamorous boot!
Are you and your superhero ready to face the evils of the world?

Faster than a speeding bullet, fierce as lightning and as powerful as thunder!
A character so magnificent and full of wonder!
Let the superhero within you decide!
Mix and match and let the colors collide!

Let your imagination and creativity be free,
and create the legend you’ve always wanted to be!
A superhero can be anything: fast and strong, dashing and powerful, charming and valiant, and most of all unforgettable and legendary!
The only dress-up game that is overpowered with fearsome costumes, mighty classic capes and the one that can create real superheroes!

Super Hero Maker iPhone Game

Just can’t find the right costume for your ultimate superhero?
Unlock hidden costumes and create a unique character no one should ever have!
Boost your superhero’s morale by sharing his photos with your friends.
Share your photos and create a team of superheroes with friends,
valiantly and dashingly saving the universe, while looking good!

Who do you think will be strongest? Will your superhero powers defeat the sinisters of evil?
Dress-up, suit-up, cape on, and fly!
Let the journey of your legendary superhero begin by letting the world know of the awesomeness it can do!
Superhero maker will do everything for you!

Super Hero Maker Features

- This game is free to play and for all ages!
- In-app purchases available.
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!

Super Hero Maker iOS Game

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