Train Your Viking Knights - How to be Slayer of Dragons & Save the City HD Free

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Do you love Vikings?
Ever dreamed of becoming a brave warrior, wielding a bloody battle axe?
Do you wish to be a real Dragon Slayer, with the courage of a thousand men?
Train Vikings is the game definitely for you!
This fast action tapping game will surely get your warrior blood boiling!

train your viking knights ipod game

Reach the high score by simply slashing and chopping the dragon!
Train Your Vikings is a highly addictive tap and slash game.
Endless hours of slashing and dodging action!
Avoid the dragons while slashing them to get a high score!
But hurry, time is running out for the brave Viking, get bonus time by continuously slashing the dragon relentlessly!

Your journey will begin with Arnod, a brave young boy set to become a real viking by slaying the vicious dragons.
Save his village from the relentless attacks of the wild dragons.
Strike strong! Strike fast! Dodge quicker when the dragon fights back!
Will you help him in his quest so that he may become a real warrior, and earn the trust of his comrades?
Will you help him become a true viking and become the village’s champion?
Help him carry the heavy battle axe and slay the never ending slaughter of the fire-breathing beasts!
Ask help from his viking friends by unlocking them from the village by reaching high scores!

Chop and Slash the Dragons and get bloody with your giant axe!
Prepare to hop left and right, better watch your back!
Dodge the dragon heads as they try to counter attack your vicious mauling!
But hurry as time is limited for you to take the glory, the countdown timer is ticking!
Will you be the strongest viking to face the dragons?
Or will you head back to your village riding a wagon?

train your viking knights ipad game

Pick up your heavy weapon!
Wear your strongest armor!
Put on your sturdiest headgear!
No need for that shield, we need both of our hands to carry the giant battle axe!
We shall head to battle,
and strike the heart of our one true enemy, the dragons!

Slay dragons with your giant battle axe!
Dodge their vicious fangs,
and avoid the heads of the fire breathing monster!
Gather your courage and look them straight into the eye,
and show them the true strength of a real Viking!

Get high scores and show off your Viking prowess by sharing via Facebook and Twitter.
Top our world Leaderboards and show them who’s the strongest and fastest Dragons Slayer!
Are you fast enough? Are you strong enough?
Play now and show us your true Viking spirit!

Reach required score and unlock the rest of your Viking friends!
Dragon too strong? Are you unable to dodge the quick reflexes of the mighty beast?
Is Arnod getting tired from all the hacking, slashing, chopping and dodging?
The heat of the fire-breathing animal piercing through your skin?

Call our friends from the Viking Village!
Arnod - the brave young boy, set out to become a real viking by slaying dragons.
Berg - Arnod's uncle, a brave and ruthless teacher, he will make sure you get to properly use the giant Viking battle axe!
Hallbera - a beautiful young viking, but don't be deceived by her looks, as she was born to slay dragons!

train your viking knights iphone game

Haelaeif - A trustworthy viking, he will watch your back and make sure those dragons don't bite your behind!
Irenmund - the great adventurer, travelling the dangerous lands, keeping the dragons away from the great Viking village!
Ysra - A sweet young girl, but no so sweet against the vicious dragons!
Kordan - He is believed to have slain several dragons, in a single day, with his kitchen knife. Scary!
Ulfrik - He can wield his axe as light as a feather, quick and nimble, the dragons stand no chance.
Raghild - She has slain more dragons than the rest of her villagers combined! Are you sure you want her?
Skallagrim - The immortal one. He fought with the dragons as a living. He still fights with them still.

They will surely help you out and enhance your playing experience!
Can you unlock all of them?
Or will Arnod be your only hope to save the village from the dragons?

Train Your Viking Knights Features

- Train Your Viking Knights is free to play and for all ages!
- Buy full version to unlock all Vikings and remove the ads.
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!

train your viking knights ios game

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