Zombie Hand Swipe

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Whether you're talking about movies, books, or games, there's no denying the current obsession with zombies in almost every entertainment media today. The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, The Zombie Survival Guide-- all popular fictions that involve our favorite flesh-eating undead.

Zombie Hand Swipe iPhone Game

In Zombie Hand Swipe you can look forward to the exciting theme of zombies as you test your quick reflexes and reactions skills via simple yet satisfying 1-touch game play!

A fast and challenging game that anyone able to swipe a touch screen can play, SWIPE THE ARROW is the perfect game to play even with friends that aren't big into mobile gaming! Players looking for the perfect game to kill a few minutes at a time will enjoy the super fast gameplay that requires you to think fast as you try to make the correct swipe decision without making a mistake. You'll find yourself playing over and over as you try earning a better score to show off online via the leader boards and to friends on social media pages.

Zombie Hand Swipe iPod Game

Incredibly simple but quite addicting, in Zombie Hand Swipe you must swipe the screen in the direction that the human hands are pointing toward. Up, down, left, or right-- make the correct swipe and the next hand will immediately scroll down. It would be far too easy if that was it right?

Fortunately, zombie hands make things much more challenging as you must swipe them in the OPPOSITE direction that they are pointing! It sound easy enough but when you're trying to swipe a combination of human and zombie hands at a fast pace, things get intense! Don't worry; practice makes perfect and you'll soon find yourself swiping any hand that comes your way correctly, no matter how crazy the sequence of human and zombie hands gets!

Zombie Hand Swipe iPad Game

There are also three different game modes to check out: Arcade Mode lets you see how many correct swipes you can perform before making a mistake, Time Attack gives you only 30 seconds to make as many correct swipes as you can, and Race mode lets you see how quickly you can correctly make 30 swipes. Each mode offers a unique twist and provides a new kind of challenge for you to enjoy.

Featuring three modes, high scores to share on social media, leader boards, and more, SWIPE THE ARROWS is the addicting, fast-paced game you've been waiting for!

Zombie Hand Swipe Features

•Fun, quick-thinking gameplay
•Universal iPhone and iPad App
•3 gameplay modes (Arcade, Race, and Timed)
•Share scores to Twitter, Facebook and Email
•Leaderboards support

Zombie Hand Swipe iOS game

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