Zombie Virus Blast - Dead Brain Attack Puzzle Mania

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Zombie Virus is the crazy blasting chain reaction game that will surely get your brain into a puzzling chain reaction! Get inside a zombie’s brain (yes they do have brains!), and pop ‘n blast the virus away.

Zombie Virus Blast iPad Game

Get your chain reaction blasting with Zombie Virus Blast!
Can you get to solve the puzzle in just a single tap? or in two?
Will you need some special power-ups to blast you out from the difficult situation?
Or will you create a blasting chain reaction to get the job done?

“Gurrrrraagghh!”, the zombie screams in pain! His brain is being slowly consumed by viruses!
Will you help him?
But you are a zombie too! Stop the virus from spreading or it will infect your brains too!
Pop and tap and go crazy with the puzzling fun!
Take your time, no need to rush, no need to run!
Blast away the virus in the zombie’s brain with a few taps and tricks,
Think, and make a strategy, and make sure to choose the right pick!

The game has a simple objective, pop all the virus using a limited number of taps.
Each virus would pop and release a tiny shrapnel in four directions to pop nearby virus. The other viruses pops upon contact of the fragment from the others, creating a chain reaction!
Sounds fun right?
The challenge is to be able to pop all the viruses with just the limited number of taps provided.
Now does that sound challenging enough?
The difficulty increases as the viruses are strategically located for it to be more puzzling and more challenging.
Don’t tap anywhere! Think and predict where the bits and pieces will hit to create a wonderful chain reaction!
Furthermore, other viruses are stronger than the others, this means they have to be hit or tapped multiple times for it to completely go away!
Create a strategy to get the chain reaction that will finish all of the virus in the least number of taps possible.
But don’t worry, the pop-o-meter is available for you to identify how many times you need to tap the virus before it goes pop!

Zombie Virus Blast iPod Game

Engage yourself in this addictive popping crazy blast of a game, and earn points and unlock more levels of endless fun!
Each level rewards you a good amount of gold to get you going!
Gold allows you to get special power-ups like Undo, Tap +1, and x2 Gold!
This power-ups help you go through difficult levels.
Undo gets you to get a step back from your previous move saving you time from solving the puzzle.
Tap +1 gets you extra tap if you feel like there’s no way the puzzle can be solved in the given number of taps.
X2 Gold makes your gold rewards double.

Different levels of increasing difficulty,
Different challenges waiting for you to go crazy!
Pop and tap and blast the virus away!
Truly addictive, and truly fun,
Can you pop all the virus until they’re truly gone?

Gold power-ups not enough to help you in the difficult levels?
Use our special Hints for that extra brain power!
Getting stuck and patience running dry?
Do you wish to save your zombie buddy really badly?
Hints will tell you what virus to pop first, and after that, and after that until they all blast away!

Zombie Virus Blast iPhone Game

Getting bored at your level? Do you wish to unlock the difficult ones right away?
Unlock them with our magic pill!
Magic pill gives you special access to levels that you’ve never seen before, and are never supposed too. Pretty nifty if you want a shortcut to the real brain boggling levels!

Running out of Gold?
Pills not enough?
Need more of those special Brainy Hints?
Don’t worry, in-app purchases are available in Zombie Virus Blast!
Power-ups are always available the moment you need to strengthen up, fast!

Don’t forget to log-in daily and get your free hints!
Need free gold? We got you covered!
Get paid while you play! Log-in everyday and watch videos to earn free 50 gold!

Can you clear all the levels? We dare you!
Get your friends to play too, have fun and share your strategies!
This game is full of fun and good for your brain too!
Download now and get Zombie Virus Blast chain reaction started!

Zombie Virus Blast Features

- This game is free to play and for all ages!
- In-app purchases available for Gold, Pills, and Hints.
- Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
- Don’t forget to give us a good rating in the App Store!

Zombie Virus Blast iOS Game

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